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  • Lockets and charms mean more than other jewelry or keepsake because they tell a singular story.

    The history of locket necklaces is important on different levels. What these pieces convey is profound. They celebrate what it means to love, and to honor. They mark what it means to remember and to mourn. In this way, lockets and charms offer us a window to our past.

    These lockets and charms may be made of silver. Some lockets and charms are gold. Many lockets contain a photo or a picture. Other’s lockets contain ashes or locks of hair. What these pieces represent is hugely significant to the history of a family. Wherein we grow, we marry, we give birth, we age, and we die. In this way, lockets, and keepsake collectibles are extremely intimate.

    The history of the locket necklace represents nothing less than the all-encompassing experience of being human. Filling a locket necklace or keepsake offers a unique opportunity for reflection. It invites introspection wherein someone chooses to honor another person. It presents a moment to consider what moments, big and small, mean. To cherish what they represent. And to gift that memory.

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