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  • November Isle - the reason I started to take photographs and make films was because I noticed how many moments I had locked away in the back of my mind that I couldnt show to people. We all tell stories of that great day we went on a spontaneous holiday, that time our grandparents made us cackle with their stories of the past, the day we met someone we love....all those things....if only we could relive those times over and over again.

    I lost my lovely Nan in May 2012. We, as well as my husband and I, share the same birth month as her and we also got married in November 2011. Her name was Eileen and she was quite often referred to as ‘Isle’ for short. Her name is also in my full name and we share all these together. Therefore, November Isle was born.

    My style is simple, yet straight to the point. I always considered myself quirky and just a bit different from the crowd. I love to capture those moments that do not need words, just pure feeling.

    My interests specifically are Creative Arts such as Dance and Movement, Weddings, Memorials and Documentaries. Just happiness, respect and love.

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